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Gamleposten 5444

Gamleposten is our seasonal restaurant on the island of Espevær, in the municipality of Bømlo, where Torstein grew up

Espevær has a strong cultural heritage as an old fishing village. In the middle of the 19th century there could be 20,000 people on the island during the herring season. There are now only 100 people there and no cars, so that going to Espevær is like stepping back in time.
The name Gamleposten means the Old Post Office, as the building was historically used as the island’s first post office. The houses on Espevær date from 1800, but the post office was opened in 1919 by Sijurina Mehus. She was struggling to support her family and seeing a potential for a new business opened the first and only post office on Espevær. The post office connected Espevær to the rest of the world through letters and parcels.
In 1981 the Post office at 5444 was closed and a new one was opened attached to the local shop. The building was unused until 2016, when Torstein, with his two sisters, bought the building and reopened it as a restaurant.
The islanders were happy to see the old post office being used once again, bringing new people to visit this beautiful island.
Going to Espevær connects guests with the island’s history. It brings the past into the present by providing great food and good company. Going to Gamleposten is an experience you won’t forget!
The restaurant has recently been expanded to cater for 80 to 100 guests.
Gamleposten is open as a seasonal restaurant from mid-July to mid-August, and during other holidays or special events.

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